About the Author

After dreaming away six or so years of her life devouring crime novels rather than the subjects being taught, Jennifer Freeland left school determined to make her name as a writer before the age of 25.  Well, not even in fiction does everything always go according to plan!  Skipping over the desks Jennifer Freeland sat at in numerous officers, in several countries, we arrive at a desk in an all male residential college, part of Sydney University in Australia.  Any such desk was bound to be memorable but in this case its influence extended well beyond her social life.  The buzz of university life, spurred Jennifer Freeland into returning to education, beginning with night school in Australia and ending back in England where she qualified as a solicitor, specialising in criminal law. 


Jennifer Freeland began her career defending suspects before joining the Crown Prosecution Service.  For over 20 years as a criminal lawyer and advocate, she dealt with offences ranging from traffic matters to murder, serious fraud, and organised crime.  There was only one thing missing from this happy overlap of career and crime fiction and that was the time to write.  And then one evening, on her way to a party, Jennifer Freeland had the good fortune to break her leg.  In the six weeks she had off work as a result of her injury, the first draft of Loosely Connected was penned. 


Jennifer Freeland lives near Chichester in West Sussex.