About 'Nowhere To Turn'

Coming between a stalker and their prey is as dangerous as standing between a tiger and a lamb.

She called her stalker the evil invader. On the day Billy Grant sold her a sundial and delivered it to her home, the invasion began. Masquerading behind a benign persona he fooled everyone, including the authorities, leaving her with nowhere to turn, and only one way out. But Billy Grant had done this before, she was sure of it, and if she didn’t stop him, there would be another victim, and then another.

But obsession is relentless and when a stalker is prevented from targeting his chosen victim, he doesn’t walk away.

About 'Loosely Connected'

When Thommi Carmichael, a gifted lawyer working for the Crown Prosecution Service, finds herself the victim of a terrifying attack, she soon discovers it’s more than just an isolated incident.  An attempt to frame her for assault leaves her not only bewildered by events but forces her to rely on help from an unexpected quarter; DI Rory Hoskins, a policeman she despises.  


Rory Hoskins relishes the prospect of arresting Thommi for assault, she had once threatened his career.  But when Thommi turns the tables on her accuser, Rory’s investigation is turned on its head.  Sensing that the incidents may have something to do with Thommi’s past, Rory enlists the help of CIS’s rookie graduate, John Carter, to dig into her cases.  Evidence of a conspiracy surfaces, the body count rises, and the threat to Thommi’s life escalates, as the two officers race to uncover the truth before Thommi Carmichael’s name is added to the list of murder victims.